The Effects of the Unresolved Abandonment Issues of George Sodini

I offer see searches to my blog on the subject of…the abandonment issues of men! The actions of George Sodini at a gym shooting provides a teachable moment on this subject. I will write more when information has been made public that will identify his core abandonment issues. If you click on his name you will read information from his blog on CNN and here is a second link to his full blog on ABCNews.

Like the other killers I have profiled on my blog I am not excusing their actions, but providing understanding into the dynamics that produced their behaviors. I want you to understand that…its all about abandonment! It is reported that George Sodini wrote that he has not had a girlfriend since 1984 and no sexual relationships since 1990 when he was 29. It is also reported that he hated his mother and women. These events are caused by issues of abandonment.

In my ongoing survey that you will find below… I ask readers to identify their most current abandonment experience…rejection is number one! Our failure to understand the impact that abandonment experiences have on us continues to be overlooked in our behaviors and reactions to life’s events. This is why I have spend my life’s work since high school in understanding the psychology and effects that unresolved abandonment experiences have on everyone, some more than others.

Thank You for Loving Me! The Psychology of Abandonment, Healing, and Loving has been written during a 30-year span of my professional and personal life assisting people resolving their abandonment issues. I hope that you will use it alone with What I Must Give Myself…First to identify and facilitate the healing process of your unresolved abandonment issues.

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How many children need to die before the courts and lawmakers understand that a child’s rights to life overrides a parent’s right to guardianship when that parent has threatened to harm or kill that child or their parent? 

Families in America are divorcing and not marrying at a record rate due to failed relationships. These failed relationships produce unresolved abandonment issues in the people who experienced them, and they in turn have the ability to produce the same if they did not have a correct learning experience. 

These unresolved abandonment issues produce such intense feelings of loss and separation that some parents cannot tolerate the idea of living without their families. These intense feelings of abandonment of everything that they loved, worked for, sacrificed for, and in the case of military and law enforcement killed for, bring some parents to the point of killing their children and themselves!

Tech. Sgt. Dustin Thorson, a decorated airman, who served in Iraq, is the latest to threat to kill his children if his wife divorced him, shot too death his two sons and then himself!

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No one questioned me in my other articles I stated that, “we need to have a Social Worker for every 40 students in our schools from Pre-School or Kindergarten though College to provide individual, group, family and multi-family therapy. We do not want to acknowledge the level of pathology that existence within people but all you need to do is to turn on your TV or read a newspaper and you can see it. It is my professional opinion that all schools from Pre-School or Kindergarten though College need to be therapeutic schools! This means that they provide therapy for all of their students and all of their families.

One cannot go swimming without getting wet. One cannot grow up with major unresolved abandonment issues, events, and actions in their lives and not be affected. Some of us can handle these experiences and use them to become a better person. Some of us cannot handle these experiences and they cause us not to feel good about society and ourselves. Support is needed for both situations.

Some of us are acknowledging that our planet is sick and it is in the process of killing life because our actions are killing it. We also need to acknowledge that people are sick and that is why they are killing each other and themselves. Sticking our heads in the sand does not work with the environment, nor does it work in society. Our goose is cooked in both examples.

My mentor H.C. Smith, Ph.D., wrote to others and me today (02/15/08): “John you are at the leading edge as a thought leader on the subject of “Abandonment” and the examples continue to be demonstrated. The NIU event is just another of many you have predicted and projected. Stay the course my friend.” Your message is very timely. Many are called. Few are chosen.”

As a society we are paying for the human conditions people are living in, fighting in, and dying in. The call to allow students to carry a gun to school so they can protect themselves should show us how sick our society has become.

All behaviors have meaning! To read the article on Steven Kazmierczak click here.