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J. Ray Rice, ACSW is a Social Work with over 40-years experiences in the identification, treatment, and resolutions of unresolved abandonment issues. He has learning, teaching, and training experiences in 18-countries and is available for speaking, lectures, and training opportunities nationally and internationally. All opportunities are welcome!

What is Abandonment?


Abandonment has many meaning:

1) A feeling from an act one may have about being given-up by their parents.
2) A feeling of rejection because we were hurt by an action toward us.
3) A feeling of not being loved.
4) A feeling one has when someone does not accept their belief system.
5) A feeling or act of betrayal by another person or group.
6) A feeling a child has when their parents leave them.
7) A feeling when your parents do not pay child support.
8) A feeling when someone is emotional not available to you.
9) A feeling of loss or separation from someone you love.
10) A feeling one has when a love one dies, including a pet.

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