The Cost of Abandonment in War

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The cost of abandonment in war lives on from generation to generation. Each time we go to war we will always create more unresolved abandonment issues then we resolve. War is not the answer!


  • It cost us money to address social and economic issues in or out of our own country.
  • It cost us the lives that are lost and in the cost of the lives of the children, spouses, parents, friends, and companies that lost them.
  • It cost us in the contributions these individuals had yet had the opportunity to contribute to the world.
  • It cost us in the lives of the people we killed.
  • It cost us our safety from people who now have an enhanced reason and desire to kill.
  • It cost us our ethics.
  • It cost us in the lost of lives, livelihoods, and our physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • It cost us to experience an increase in the break-up of our families, societies, and civilizations.
  • It cost us conflict with our belief in God.
  • It cost us conflict in our view of the good in humankind.
  • It cost us in the fighting and disagreement within our own nation.
  • It cost us in our ability to serve and assist individuals and governments to achieve human rights and peace.
  • It cost us our respect of ourselves and others.

Why? Watch a Robert Greenwald film (75-minutes): Iraq for Sale: War Profiteers

Also watch the Olberman: Bush Interview Unforgiveable (12-minutes)

10 Replies to “The Cost of Abandonment in War”

  1. Thanks for sharing that you gained a new viewpoint!

    Please continue to read and comment on these articles.

  2. Thank you for confirming the meaning and purpose of my writings! Many define communication as something one person says, another person hears, and then communicates that meaning back to them. You have done that beautifully.

    Thank you for loving me!

    I thank God throughout each day for life and the blessings everyone has received.

    I thank God throughout each day for the blesses the people of the world need. I ask in the faith that a way be provided for each to receive.

    I pray to God that we are given the wisdom to see the pathology that we are spreading in the name of God, embracing hate toward another in the name of God, killing in the name of God and causing harm in the name of God, is not correct in the name of God!

    I pray to God that every man, women, and child around the world understand that these acts as not being done in the name of God.

    These acts are being done in the name of humans with unresolved abandonment issues that have developed into pathology that is killing them and everyone around them.

    God is love and love does not kill, hate, or abuse another person’s being or livelihood!

    Bless you! Please copy and send this posting worldwide with this URL.

  3. I am very impressed with not only your site, but with this powerful powerful post. I was deeply touched by it all but these lines stunned me:

    “It cost us in the contributions these individuals had yet had the opportunity to contribute to the world.”

    AND:”It cost us our safety from people who now have an enhanced reason and desire to kill.”

    I am moved by this piece and wish it could be sent all around the world. Especially here in America where we are such war mongers. You are a peace maker and a wise man. Thank you and I will be back to read more. Bless you.

  4. Yes, it is a tragedy we are in the business of war more than the avoidance of war.

    I served in the Navy, parents in the Marines, grandparents in the Navy/Army and God knows how many other relatives going back to the Civil War. It never works out like the polys want – and we as people get stuck with the problems of living and dying because of the wars we wage.

  5. I respect your viewpoint.

    I am asking God to give humankind the will, wisdom and courage to learn to be secure within themselves and others.

  6. And the list could go on…There are only losers in war…But the world is beyond human redemption..So I’m just lifting this up to God…

  7. I agree with many of your points as well. Thank you for sharing them. I too feel that everyone should support our brave men and women who are in harm’s way. What I do not support is them being there for someone’s profit. We need to hold our leaders responisble for this!

    Thank you again! Please keep reading and commenting. 

  8. I agree with many of your views on abandonment. I do not like war, I wish it were never necessary. I can not say that it never is. While our sons and daughters are on the battle field, I will not protest the war that they are fighting. I knew many from Vietnam and when they came home to a country that did not support what they were sent to do, they felt abandoned by their entire nation. I have read letters from soldiers in this war who are beginning to have the same reaction. I pray that it ends soon, but until it does, I will always support our brave men and women who are in harm’s way.

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