My Most Recent Abandonment Experience Is?

What is your most recent abandonment issue or experience? As stated in other articles on this blog abandonment experiences are normal outcomes of our day-to-day interactions, communications, behaviors, and reactions. This survey is seeking to identify your most recently abandonment experience.

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29 Replies to “My Most Recent Abandonment Experience Is?”

  1. Just wrote about abandonment in my last blog post–this is a very good list–it includes most everything I can think of!

  2. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your insight and personal experiences. I apology for not listing…reject from having an illness that society rejects the individuals with it! 

    My younger brother at 18-months old and my cousin also failed ill to polio and experienced the same feelings of abandonment. In the 50’s this disease affected the nation and we didn’t know to deal with it without making the victims of this disease feel abandoned!

    Your couneslor is correct that many of our relationship and self-esteem issues are from our feelings of be unloved by our parents and society, even when they don’t know that they are causing us to feel that way. 

    Your have the strenght and knowledge to move to a point of being able to tell yourself and others…Thank You for Loving Me!

    Thank you again for sharing!


    P.S. – Please take look at the video linking Polio to AIDS!–hivaids-and-human-rights.aspx

  3. My core abandonment issue is not listed….I was hospitalized for a year and a half at 21 months old due to polio and then again at 4 and a half for an operation. My parents were only allowed to visit on Sundays for an hour. My earliest memory is at around 3 when I woke up to a child screaming surrounded by nurses (nuns) lit by an overhead light in a darkened room. The nurses grabbed the child and one said, “to the baths” as they carried the child off. I was terrified. I was also afraid when I passed the iron lung room as I was wheeled to physical therapy and then the pain of physical therapy itself.

    I am now 61 years old….finally in counseling…..and my counselor says my issue is feeling unlovable. I constantly try to second-guess people’s needs in order to please them and not be rejected. I am working through the anger I feel at my parents for not asserting their parental protection, even as I am aware that different times elevated the medical and religious personnel from questioning and the virus created much fear. Later, at home, I did not interact with anyone other than my brothers partially due to the neighbors fears and partially due to my mother’s feelings of shame regarding my being infected with polio.

  4. My abandonment experience is not listed. When I was 5 years old my fathercommitted suicide it took a long time to understand that I had nothing to do with what occurred. I was 26 years old when I was finally able to love another man without fear of him leaving. Its been 7 years later and he is still the love of my life. Through self-awareness one can ovecome the devistating effects parental abandonment can have on you way into adulthood.

  5. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.

  7. I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading yourcommentaries.

  8. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

  9. Excellent insight! You have got to read my book, Thank You for Loving Me! I have learned to find the abandonment issue in any relationship, action, communication, or law. I truly believe that all relationships and communication can be enhance if we would identify the abandonment issue and resolve it! Like my survey on…What is your most recent abandonment issue…rejection is number one.

    Thank you for loving me!

  10. Someone who I had abandon came into my life recently and made me realize how they must have felt when I abandon them for another.
    And now I am thinking that maybe this is why I was betrayed by others.

  11. Thank you! We often do not think about all of the life events that cause us to experience “abandonment.”
    This is a common one, like you pointed out, that causes us to experience abandonment.

    Thanks again!

  12. I was pleasantly surprised to see the “miscarriage” option. Until I reached the bottom I thought that it had been overlooked, as it so frequently is.

  13. I found the same thing happens in therapy. When you deal with peoples unresolved abandonment issues they get better!

    Thank you for sharing! This is why I chosen…It’s All About Abandonment!

  14. Thank you! Your insight is keen! You point-out what I hope would happen. We have multiple abandonment experience in a given day. With that knowledge we need to be problem-solving daily and looking at how these events affect our self-esteem. We must remind positive and overcome our life events.

    Excellent insight! Thank you for sharing!

  15. According to the survey, I have two. I lost a friendship I valued and My government failed to provide me safety, liberty, or justice. – Regards, JJ

  16. K., I love your insight! I had the same experience when I was treating people. By dealing with their abandonment issues they got better! I have found this to be true and this is why I am trying to assist people worldwide to understand that…its all about abandonment!

    Thank you!

  17. I really like your blog. We are dealing with a lot of abandonment issues in our Church, and it is amazing to see how many are healed just with this one subject taken care of. I will rss your blog, so that I can keep reading your posts. Thanks bunches for this important information!

  18. Having a support system is important! Abandonment experiences are a normal part of everyday interactions. We must learn how to feel good about ourselves and support others as well during these experiences and interactions.

    Thank you for sharing your comment and return to make more!

  19. To feel abandon isn´t a nice thing. You can have friends and live a normal social life, but there are situations you just feel abandoned… hmmm, stick with your family and true friends.

  20. I can’t thank you enough for participating in my surveys and reading my articles. It is readers like you that keep me going. Thanks again!

  21. I just voted in yor poll. I think your polls are such a great idea and they are always so well designed and thought provoking!

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