Abandoning Our Vote?


Like you my father, step-father, and uncles they all fought to keep America free! This included our right to vote for the officials running our government.

In an earlier article on this blog it was pointed out that laws and social polices causes its citizens to experience abandonment feelings and events. What about when those in our country develop a system that abandons our right to elect our government. We see it happening all of the time around the world, yet we feel safe in America that our vote counts.

Is our vote at risk as well? Watch Hacking Democracy on the Internet and give your comments to this question. Do we need to abandon electronic voting in order to protect our vote and our right to elect our officials?

Click here to watch! Don’t forgive to comment. Protect your vote!

7 Replies to “Abandoning Our Vote?”

  1. Thank you on behalf of everyone that will read your comments. Excellent idea!

    Thank you again!

  2. We must get rid of e-voting if we wish to have an impact on the direction of our collective destiny.

    There are always going to be abuses in a system, but it should be the exception rather than the rule.

    David is right. The logical and like-minded need to continue to band together who want to take action. My first advice is to read all we can about it on http://blackboxvoting.org . You will then be informed and can write your representatives and share the info with friends and neighbors.

    Find out which groups in your area are already involved so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

    In Austin, there are a number of groups who are focusing on removing electronic voting. Many of us have been fighting the fight since before they were accepted here.

  3. Your points are well taken! No, don’t wait for a group to form. Research your local area because they are already originations working on this cause. My recommendation is to join form with them, or start your own.

    Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment! 

  4. All forms of voting have been subject to abuse in every country. From busing in voters to electronic manipulation. Part of controlling one’s universe is having the power to affect the world around you. Cheating the vote takes that power away, often without knowing that your rights have been infringed in the first place. Now it is more difficult to claim ignorance. Now there exists a clear call to action. It is one thing to complain, it is quite another to have a solution to a problem. What can be done to correct an age old problem like this. The first step is to gather enough people together that want to take action. With a large solid vocal group of concerned citizens working to correct a governmental flaw, a solution should follow not long after. The discussion has been started, the video watched, the comments made. What will we do now? Wait for that group to build itself?

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