Should the U.S. Supreme Court Rule to Abandon ‘Strip Searches’ in Schools?

This is another example of how social polices and laws can abandon its citizens, or cause its citizens to feel abandoned. I ask that you read this news article on It is titled “Justices hear arguments over school strip search.”

Then, I would like you to vote on whether the Supreme Court should rule in favor of allowing the practice of “strip search” in our schools or rule to abandon the practice. Your own argument is encouraged in your comments!


4 Replies to “Should the U.S. Supreme Court Rule to Abandon ‘Strip Searches’ in Schools?”

  1. Strip searching a child, for me, is child abuse! In fact for adult it is sex abuse and could lead into a PTSD! Thank you for sharing your viewpoint!

  2. I did not know that schools were allowed to strip search kids. Without much thought I voted that the Supreme Court should abandon this rule. After seeing the manager of McDonald strip search a girl I was horrified.

    Nobody has a right to see our kids naked. If there is real concern about drugs or weapon there are a number of other precautions that can be taken. Metal detectors over strip searches, and I do like the comment above making it the parent’s responsibility if it comes down to it.

  3. Strip searches at schools! What’s the world coming to? I would hate to think this sounds naive, but if they are so worried about it, perhaps schools and parents could come to some arrangement, where parents sign an undertaking to do this for them. Placing the onus on parents to have their children free from drugs and weapons is a far better idea or is it that the state has given up hope of all parents caring what their children are up too.

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