How the Election of Barack Obama Helps to Resolve Abandonment Issues

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It is this author’s belief that in order to resolve behaviors, misbelieves, conflicts, and wars one must resolve the abandonment issues that are at the root of these actions. Listeners are asked to read the article published on July 4, 2008 titled Resolving Abandonment Experiences with the Election of Barack Obama. It will provide the framework for discussion on this show.

3 Replies to “How the Election of Barack Obama Helps to Resolve Abandonment Issues”

  1. I believe that President Obama has an excellent understanding of the world’s problems and what it is going to take to change them.

    We must stop terrorism by understanding the policies and conditions that allow it to grow or become a threat to our existence!

    Yes we can!

    Thank you for comment!

  2. There is no doubt that US has got a Gem in the complexion of Barack Obama. Not even a single decision he may take control over all the bad things happened in the world now a day. Like terrorism.

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