Nebraska Allows Parents to Abandon Children Up To 19 Years Old

A new “safe-haven” law in Nebraska permits parents to abandon their children and teens at a hospital. No questions asked! Click here to read this news article. After you have had a chance to read it, please vote and comment about this law and how you feel it will affect the child, the family, the courts, and the social service network that provides for these individuals.

To read the latest update on the changes that are being made to this law because of its outcome please read…Nebraska fears rush to drop off kids before haven law changes on CNN.



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14 Replies to “Nebraska Allows Parents to Abandon Children Up To 19 Years Old”

  1. I am from Nebraska and I don’t agree with this law at all. It had good intentions to begin with to keep unwanted newborns from being murdered or otherwise abused. Unfortunately the politicians who wrote the law did so incorrectly and left it open to all kinds of loopholes.

    Personally I can’t imagine any parent wanting to give up their child, but then I’ve never been a parent.

  2. Legislating morality is hopeless, witness prohibition. However considering the amount of persistent and pervasive abuse, safe haven laws probably have some value. A parent unable or unwilling to accept parental responsibility is a short step from an abusive parent. Neglect and indifference can be as detrimental to long term social development as physical abuse. In this case the safety valve may not have been clearly defined and no doubt legal challenges will cause it’s modification. Bottom line, safe haven laws nurture hope which too many children sadly lack. A bad safe haven law is better than no safe haven law.

  3. Thank you for sharing that! As a society we need to understand the emotional and physical impact abandoning our children has on them. As you pointed-out these effects can impact a person thought-out their life. I support you in finding a healthcare provider that can assist you in resolving some of pain and its after mass.

    Thank you again for assisting others in understanding the long-term effects this law and others like it can have on the individual, family and society.

  4. Dear John:
    I am 51 years old and I still have abandonment issues from my 3 years, 31 days, 14 hours, 20 minutes, and 2 seconds spent in two foster homes after my mom abandoned me at age 9 in favor of alcohol.

  5. I share your concerns for the child and family. It is worst is that social service organizations are not funded for the task they already had. Now to called into news cases I fear that the support system network will not be able to handle the additional case load.

    I have a even greater concern for the mental well-being of the child or adolescent that is abandoned in a hospital. I am concern that they now may be maintained in a psych-unit because of their abandonment experience.

    To me this law clearly shows that we as a society are not supporting the maintain of the family! 

  6. These laws, are very hard for me to get ahold of. On one hand the parent has to leave the child at a hospital, a safe place. If they do not leave them in a safe place, then the law does not qualify for them. I think making sure the child is left in a safe place, and not just abandoned in a garbage can, or even worse place, is a good thing. However, I dont completely agree with the no questions asked part of it. Why do they not have to be accountable for what they are doing? What does it do to the legal system, and foster care system. Not to mention what it must do to the child, just being dumped off like they are garbage something. I can see both sides of this discussion, and the one that works for me the best, is the one where the child is safe and in a loving home.

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting! My concern is that our social service systems can’t cope with there case load presently!

  8. Wow, I don’t even know what to say…
    This seems fundamentally wrong to me, but I also know of instances where this could have saved a child’s life. All parents aren’t good at parenting, and child abuse is a very real factor of today’s society.

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