Abandonment Issues…The Answers To Human Behaviors


As I prepared to presenter my seminar…It’s All About Abandonment, June 7th at the 2008 Conference of the National Association of Social Worker – Florida Chapter, I decided to share it with the world. It is that important to me! You will need Adobe to view this file. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it free by clicking on this link!

I ask that you respect my copyright to this presentation, as well as all of the articles I have posted. Please give me credit for the material and provide a link-back to this site so others can join our learning community.

My short and long-rang goals are to provide:

  • Train-the-Trainer programs for all occupations that work, service, and care for people;
  • Seminars for individuals and professionals that want to increase their interpersonal communication skills and attributes;
  • Develop an International Think-Tank to exchange ideas on possible solutions that may assist in the treatment and healing of abandonment issues, experiences, and events;
  • Continue to write reading and training materials on the many different subjects of abandonment.  

Please feel free to email me your interest in any of these goals to: jrayrice@itsallaboutabandonment.com

Click here to read…The Answers to Human Behaviors! Please add your comments to the discussion.


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13 Replies to “Abandonment Issues…The Answers To Human Behaviors”

  1. I think that abandonment issues are definitely the core of how people behave. I have personally seen strong examples of this. Many teenagers that I know who do drugs, drink and are promiscuous have had abandonment issues. I think parents are one of the most important and most influential people in a person’s life. A friend of mine who is now 17 and pregnant, (as well as drinks and does drugs) has followed in her mom’s foot steps. Every single teen that I know who does drugs and drinks picked up their habits from their parents. “Like father, like son” is a very truthful statement, not just in looks and personality, but in behaviors as well. I can’t stress enough the importance of good parenting in preventing abandonment issues.
    Just like how you explained, a person’s core abandonment issuescome from their earliest childhood memories. Childhood is foundational to who we are and who we bcome. I have seen how it has shaped me into who I am today.

  2. Thank you Barkha!

    I appreciate you taking the time and reading my theory base on how abandonment issues affects us and how to treat it.

    Thank you again for commending!

    J Ray Rice

  3. Here from BlogCatalog: Thanks for your nice comment on my broadcast!

    This is really readable – thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  4. Joe, thank you for your comments. The 3-hour seminar was not recorded at the conference. I do plan to have a radio show on the materials presented in the seminar. Please watch for the announcement.

    Thanks again! 

  5. I liked it a lot. Do you plan to record the seminar and have it available after you have presented it? I would enjoy watching it.

  6. J. Ray Rice I would Have to say that is Clearly the Best Presentation I have seen in Many years on the subject of the root causes of TODAYS underlying issues. Thank You for sharing! ~ravenscawl

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