Underlining Abandonment Issues in the Lack of Ethics

What are the ethical reasons to the following questions and behaviors?





  • Why do we kill?
  • Why do we produce guns of all types with new technology to kill people faster?
  • Why do we continue to produce nuclear weapons?
  • Why do we continue to produce chemical weapons?
  • Why do we continue to produce biological weapons?
  • Why do we lie?
  • Why do we cheat on our partner?
  • Why do we continue to have unprotected sex?
  • Why do we have sex with people and know nothing about them?
  • Why do we move-in with a person we are thinking about marrying and produce children with them without the protection of marriage?
  • Why do you set yourself up to fail in relationships?
  • Why do we steal?
  • Why do we use the name of God to hate, kill others, or win a game?

  • Why did we possibly risk 1 Million Africans in the development of the oral polio vaccine in the Congo? (Click underline text to view video)

  • Why does a leader of a nation lies about the true reason he and his administration sent men and women, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to war and then cut their benefits and not providing them the aftercare and treatment for their physical and emotional wounds?
  • Why do we think it is Un-American to look at the cause and affects of our policies and actions?
  • Why do we fear our own children?
  • Why do we fear others?




Listen to the Underlining Abandonment Issues in the Lack of Ethics on Buzzing with John and read a new article on the same.

Also take 12-minutes to listen to Olberman: Bush Interview Unforgivable.





11 Replies to “Underlining Abandonment Issues in the Lack of Ethics”

  1. No I have not look at the video, when people tell me what to do I react like a obstinate overage teen, That is the same with “why-question”, if the question is like “how could it happened”, “what was it who make it like this”, then it make it so open for a discussion,If I click on the link I will lose my way back to you, because I’m total without sense of orientation, I might not know how to find my way back to you 🙂 I think we the Bloggers can take this debate to a higher level, and keep on and hold it a life if we let the discussion continue outside the blog. Then the debate is on the air and round the “kitchen-table” to. Let the dialog never die That is for me education and get me some understanding for all different cultural and multicultural inequality, so I can understand better and be a better human on our earth.

    I really look forward for your comment in my post 😉

  2. Communications on all levels is important when you are problem-solving. I am thanking that readers on this site are willing to answer some of the tough questions. I will join your discussion as well.

    Did you view the video that is in this posting? If you will it will take you to another level of understanding of the whys. Listening is needed in order to communication effectively.

    Thank you and please keep reading and listening. 

  3. Hello.

    You have a lot of why here…and of course answers are important, The dialog is between each other is important to. Just to listen and argue can make changes in life and the living. Don’t you think so to. Maybe one of my visitors have started a discussion in my blog…The subject is about, humans right – Bloggers unite. I do want you to join and so many as possible…without the dialog there will be a mono log and then nobody listen.

  4. You can listen and chat live from your computer for the show tonight. You can also download skype and use it to talk free skype to skype or get one of their calling packages. http://www.skype.com

    Regarding your family may I suggest that you find a good therapist and work toward getting moving out. It is not an easy thing to do, but it is a healthy thing to do for all parties.

    All of the events you shared are abandonment issues that are unresolved! This is what I hope that I can communicate to the world that…it is all about abandonment.

    If you miss the live show tonight, please listen to the show after it is posted, including the article.

    Thanks for reading and sharing! Please continue to doing both!

  5. I would call in, but the phone call would trigger some issues in the household. (Let’s just say some are not attuned to anything related to Internet or communication.)

    Why do people do things? Because they can, because they perceive themselves better than others, and therefore, can do or say whatever they want.

    They felt constrained by society – never having what they saw others have – and are willing (now) to do whatever is needed to get their needs met.

    Anyone different from us is considered a threat. (Even if they are not so different.) So it is easy to hate them, or use them as a reason to hate, because we have to have a competition or a causation to whatever are current woe is.

    Woe becomes foe. Need a competitor for the same things, a force in our way, that needs crushing, to justify our petty actions. Propaganda, spin, and religious actions all propagate the idea that our foe is unworthy of human kindness.

    In cheating ones we allege to love, it comes down to a lack of respect. We really don’t respect them. They are less than adequate – and don’t fulfill some desire/need we feel we ought to have filled.

    Take my family (please): They refuse to solve their financial problems. I do bring in income but it ALL goes to my mother and her sister. They refuse to eliminate wasteful spending – 17 cats, overpriced phone and cable service, unnecessary purchases/rentals – but I am suppose to accept it. When I don’t, no matter how reasoned I am about it, I am “the bad guy.”

    When I suggested consolidation/bankruptcy during the past 4 years, I am pushing them toward a decision, controlling them. So, I gave up. Decided not to fight them. They know best.

    As a result, I ignore them. I don’t love them, really, because I resent their actions. Refusal to discuss our family matters, since, we live under one roof. If I go out, to be member of our society, in taking in a movie, going to the barnes & nobles or eat out at Chili’s and drink a beer, I am overspending. (I do this once a month.)

    Petty jealousy & resentment from 25+ years of living at times, around each other. My aunt has never lived on her own. Not once. She has severe psych. problems, OCD & a manipulative streak you could never begin to fix. She’s a HOUND – psych. acronym – and will never improve.

    But I am stuck too. (as you are aware.) I have desired to leave on numerous occasions. But I have no where to go – with a job – and therefore, I continue on.

    When I respond negatively towards this, in my actions aside from them, it is due to all the crap I have to live around. The house that makes Sanford & Son look minimalist. The whining of my aunt about her lot in life. (When she refuses to do anything at all about it.)

    So, my “bad behaviors” should not surprise. There has been little healthy about the on-off living arr. of 25 years. And my aunt DOES hate me – for reasons too personal here to discuss.

    That’s my two cents.

  6. Hi David! Thank you for comments. I have already reviewed your site and given you my comments with a rating of 10 on a 10.

    In my opinion this site goes more into the issues that are preventing people in choosing and maintaining healthy love relationships. My books due to be printed this summer and fall provides the format on how one goes about having healthier relationships by healing their unresolved abandonment issues and choosing healthier relationships and behaviors in the future.

    I am writing from the a clinical viewpoint from 40 years of working and treating people nationally and internationally.

    People continue to read the articles on this site and draw your own comparisons. I am a trainer. Remember this Chinese proverb.

    “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime!”

    Thanks again for reading and commenting! Please continue to read.

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