Bloggers Unite for Human Rights – HIV/AIDS and Human Rights

The Origins of AIDS – May 15th is Bloggers Unite for Human Right! I have chosen HIV/AIDS. They both cause people to feel and experience abandonment. In fact it is causing children worldwide to be orphans. For information on human rights of people with HIV/AIDS worldwide, please click here.

1,000,000 Africans were used to test the oral vaccine for polio. Do not think you know the truth about the origins of AIDS?
Click to watch…AidsOrigins! (This Blogger, by providing a link on the worldwide web, is not claiming that any individual, company, or nation in this film is responsible for anything!)

6 Replies to “Bloggers Unite for Human Rights – HIV/AIDS and Human Rights”

  1. I agree that we must remember that we have a heavy responsible to provide for the children left behind. We must not only provide homes with adult that can care for them, but we must also treat their emotional and physical needs as well.

    Thank you for caring!

  2. Thank you for this entry. It is so important to remember the children who are left behind as a result this devastating disease.

  3. I watched this video a couple of months ago and was also outraged. The interview with the scientist where he lied and showed no remorse was infuriating as well.

    I pray that a cure can be found now that the true source has been found.

    Until I saw this film I along with so many wondered how it could be that one day there was no HIV and seemingly overnight it was so widespread.

    Your work is very important Mr. Rice, I hope many, many people see it.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I believe that HIV/AID is neither a lifestyle outcome nor a choice. I do believe that we must be responsible in our sexual behavior.

    This video takes one to a hold new level of understand of this disease. This is why I hope that people will take the time and view it.

    Thanks again! 

  5. HIV/AIDS is a devastating disease that leaves in its wake shattered lives. Those that are fortunate enough to be able to avail of the myriad of treatments that help to lengthen and improve quality of life live in developed countries. Many live in countries that struggle to even provide enough food and potable water. Some sectors say that AIDS/HIV is a lifestyle issue. That somehow an individual choses to contract this deadly disease. I am not here to argue that discussion either way. What I will say is that if in any way a choice needs to be made, let us choose to become aware of the ongoing tragedies that unfold each day. Let us decide to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the ravages of this disease. Start by becoming informed. Thank you for your focus on this issue. Keep up the great work you display on this site.

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