Facilitating A Corrective Learning Experience


In this article the author defines the term, corrective learning experiences and explains how they can assist you in resolving abandonment issues and experiences. Examples are being added daily to build a data base like the one in What Is Abandonment. Readers are encouraged to assist the author by leaving examples of corrective learning experiences that have enhanced their health and emotional well-being. Just clicking the Add Comment link below to contribute. To read more click here…

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that you will continue to gain insight from my articles. If at all possible may I suggest the assistance of a family therapist to aid your step-daughter in her healing process and bonding with your family. I also encourage you to give her a copy of my book, Thank You for Loving Me! It is written to adolescences.  Parents need to read it also, because it provides the opportunity to talk about these feelings and experiences with their children. It’s an excellent teaching tool, I developed it in the treatment of adolescents. 

    Don’t give up, no matter what! It will be seen as abandonment!

    Thank you for loving me!

  3. I am temporary guardian to my step-daughter, and not married to her father. She has experienced many abandoning feelings. I suggested having a “family meeting” with me, my daughter(14) and her (16) to create a corrective learning experience for her. I see that she has a problem feeling safe to speak her feelings, especially any conflict. I find this a great tool- learning to resolve difficulties in safety with love. I looked in her eyes and told her she can be angry at either one of us about something, and we can still love each other afterwards! We also share positively-High/Low, gratitude items of the week, and something positive we like about our “unit”. I believe that is a corrective learning experience as well…expressing gratefulness and a positive “unit” feeling breeds good feelings about ones self!! So far so good. I am grateful.

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