Facilitating A Corrective Learning Experience


In this article the author defines the term, corrective learning experiences and explains how they can assist you in resolving abandonment issues and experiences. Examples are being added daily to build a data base like the one in What Is Abandonment. Readers are encouraged to assist the author by leaving examples of corrective learning experiences that have enhanced their health and emotional well-being. Just clicking the Add Comment link below to contribute. To read more click here…

Abandoned Veterans


Abandoned Veterans (est. 150,000 – 200,00 homeless) was inspired by the thoughts I experienced as I read an AP article by Erin McClan. He writes about a 28 year old, male Veteran who served two tours in Iraq that is now homeless and lives in a shelter in MA. He has been unable to work since returning from the war and has lost his wife, his love, his health, his home, and his friends. He would clean his gun and place it in his mouth and reportly rode his motorcycle at 100 miles per hour as he tried to stand on seat of his motorcycle. Before I started this article I identified 32 resources sites for Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Desert Storm, The Vietnam War, and the Korean Police Action (War). The health of a nation is shown by its love for the people that protect them. Please click here to read more…

What You Can Do!

Understand the causes and affects of unresolved abandonment issues are the first steps to resolving them and preventing them, whenever possible. It is important to understand that abandonment issues, events, and experiences can take place in all communications, interactions, and relationships…meaning that they are normal and sometimes not preventable.

In this article discussion is given to what you can do to reduce the effects of abandonment issues and events. This article like all of the others articles are working documents and readers should return regularly for updates. Please return to this section in the blog after you have read the full article and click on the ad comments button below and give your comments on this article. To read more please click here…and remember that all behaviors has meaning. When we take the time to understand the behavior it gives us the keys to resolving that behavior. Our ability to love, rear a child, and maintain our health are all connected. Also please subscribe to updates by email on the left.

Social Polices and Laws Cause Abandonment Issues

People are denied opportunities to fully participate in society and to use services or take advantage of opportunities that are available to the majority of society. This causes people to cope with life without the means of support and the benefit of public, social, and legal services. Policies and laws are passed to protect people. Sometimes they can handicaps individuals and their children, and deny them the opportunities to sustain themselves. Laws, social, and public policies can cause people to feel and experience abandonment. I am asking you to identify examples of this by adding your topics and examples to the comments section below. To read more click here…

To get you started on laws, social, and public polices that causes abandonment issues and experiences, please view the following video. This is the only program of its kind in womens’ prisons in the U. S. It is a collection of writings (love, health, and emotional issues starting as a child) from women in prison called…Bridging The Gap. Be prepare to listen to their pain and hear their abandonment issues. Ask yourself if the policies and laws in place now in the U.S., aid these women before and after prison? It is the beliefs of many, and I am one of them, that feel that they contribute to these women being abused and homeless after prison? Let the learning begin!